What `Soft-Skills` Actually Are

By saying that someone `has good soft-skills` they usually mean merely nice communication. And it makes sense in some cases, however, is incorrect by the form. The trick is that the aforesaid does actually mean that someone had just made a nice one-time personal impression to the teller.

Whereas to be a really effective communicator means not just to be a nice person to someone, but to use communication as an instrument in order to achieve your goals. And thus one needs to master a really great stack of communication skills that have their own names.

In other words, `soft-skills` is nothing less than just a common name for general managerial competencies, that are disclosed in the next post: https://faq.hravity.com/2019/05/competences-as-core-of-modern-hr.html

And that is all...

To summarize: it is a more correct way to say `competencies` instead of `soft skills`. Effective communication is not `soft skills` or a `soft skill` but a specific global structured cluster of skills. And a `soft skill` is a `hard skill` if you are a manager.

Now live with it, read the books, and let the force [of competence] be with you :)


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