The Overall Structure of HR

The overall structure of HR functions:     collapse      structure      expand 
    1. Recruitment
      1. sourcing
      2. selection and candidates assessment
      3. attraction and engagement
    2. Planning
      1. workforce planning
      2. managing personnel reserve (internal and external)
      3. diversity dynamics
    3. Onboarding
      1. welcome training and materials
      2. on-boarding plan and system of start-up mentoring
      3. setting up and managing probation goals
      4. psychological adaptation (the other employees and internal culture)
    1. Internal
      1. keeping contacts with alumni
      2. internal identity and labour brand design and evolvement
      3. talent pool (candidates reserve) communication
    2. External
      1. cooperation with universities and educations centers
      2. taking active part in organizing industry specific events
      3. publicity and PR focused on labour market
      4. candidates experience system
      5. team sales trainings
    1. Security
      1. safety and health environment
      2. new employees and current ones check up
      3. legal support on personnel matters
      4. physical security (if no dedicated security service in the company)
      5. collective bargaining & negotiations
    2. Accounting
      1. payroll accountancy
      2. retirement benefits
      3. records keeping
      4. outstaffing
    3. Compliance
      1. travel management
      2. office management and provisioning
      3. social package & life assistance
    4. Firing and Outplacement
    1. Education
      1. coaching and mentoring system
      2. education system/center/policies
      3. structure of knowledge and competencies, professiograms
      4. personal educational plans
      5. knowledge sharing instruments
      6. internal assessment system
    2. Career Management
      1. talent lifecycle management
      2. growth dynamics assessment
      3. career and promotion management
      4. career support system
    1. Internal Communication
      1. mediation and conflicts solving
      2. facilitation in complex tasks
      3. feedback gathering
      4. employee/stakeholder relationships
      5. idea bank
    2. Cultural Background
      1. corporate identity and backgrounds
      2. code of rules and traditions
      3. social responsibility
    3. Climate
      1. corporate events
      2. psychological support
      3. working space design
      4. health/wellness management
    4. Soft incentives
      1. satisfaction monitoring
      2. loyalty management
      3. team building system
      4. non-material motivators / rewards and recognitions
      5. retention system
    1. Performance
      1. management by objectives system (OKR) support
      2. performance and succession support system
      3. business processes design and audit (people management part)
      4. people management metrics gathering
    2. HR management
      1. general HR-processes operational management
      2. HR budgeting
      3. HR audit / state of affairs control
      4. risk management and disaster planning (people management part)
    1. knowledge management system
    2. internal IT-system for managing HR processes
    3. strategic goal setting management (planning sessions)
    4. compensations and benefits
    5. competence core

Please, add your comments if you have thoughts about making this structure better and more detailed – let's try to systemize this area together. We promise to design a poster when we have enough material and coverage, and to leave a PDF file with it here :)

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